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Inspection & Mantainence

As Our experience, a regular inspection regime can also reduce general maintenance costs considerably.

Although you are not breaking any laws by not undertaking inspections, if there is an accident on the site your position could be considerably weakened. The majority of playground equipment companies insist on an annual inspection being conducted by an expert.

As part of our Inspection Service we will schedule and carry out

  • Full non dismantling annual inspection.
  • Provide a full written report with risk assessments on any non complying items
  • On site minor repairs free of charge
  • We can arrange for our engineers to meet you on site during the inspection to provide hints and tips for your routine inspections.

Inspection and Maintenance is an important consideration to help you keep your playground equipment in good working order. There is no-one better placed to help you to care for your play equipment, with a quality inspection and maintenance package, than the people who design and manufacture it.

In today's litigation society we have all become acutely aware of our responsibility to minimise risk, improve safety and prevent accidents. Play areas should be exciting, fun and challenging but, equally, risks should be controlled to an acceptable level. As a play area owner/operator the responsibility does lie with you to manage the risk and safety of your play area.

Regular inspection and maintenance will not only make your play area a safer place to play but it will also help to considerably reduce the lifetime costs associated with your play area.

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