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Managing Director Message

Thank you for your interest in Rukmani, and the products we are proud to manufacture and install. You cannot have failed to notice how in recent times the issues of children's health and the importance of enjoying exercise have risen to the forefront of the public agenda. For over 6 years we have been offering cost effective playground equipment to various establishments within the India, our goal to offer a very wide range of physical, social and intellectual experiences that allows children of all abilities to increase confidence and learn to enjoy exercise. This is seen as fundamental to the development of good physical and mental health.

Within our product page and brochure you will find products that provide the opportunity for the whole range of play activities, that together meet the criteria for an enriched play environment to stimulate the senses, from challenging physical equipment, to fantasy and role playing that incorporates imaginative play. By virtue of our in-house production all of these products can be tailor-made to meet the specific needs of your environment, including Custimised designs and themes. Our Innovation will ensure your children, whatever age will have access to a rich stimulating environment that is free from unacceptable risk.

Our Aim

To increase participation in recreational activities by those of all abilities, working in partnership with our Customers to provide safe, innovative and imaginative products that inspire use.
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