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We keep the promises of solid construction, superior materials, and quality craftsmanship. We use the best materials, state-of-the-art technologies, and constantly test for both strength and durability. We make sure joints are strong and smooth, coatings are even and fully sealed, and plastics are precision-formed and without flows.

PIPES Pipes are virgin M.S/Galvanised Steel conforming to IS:1161 and IS:1239 (Part 1) of reputed make only.

IRON & STEEL All the raw materials must meet the IS standard of reputed make only.

FRP Fiber glass reinforced plastics are made of top quality polyester resin of reputed brand, virgin quality standard glass made of reputed brand only. The modeling of FRP is done by contact modeling and has a minimum tensile strength of 60 Mpa.

MODULING Plastic moulded components are made of Non-Ageing, non-toxic materials with stabilizers.

FASTENERS Bolts and nuts are totally galvanized and of reputed make.

FABRICATION Steel components are weld by CO2/electric arc welding using the best quality welding rods conforming to IS:814. All welded joint are properly grounded and coated with an epoxy sealant for rust resistance. All sharp edges and corners are properly ground before painting. All sheet metal components are galvanized for rust resistance.

PAINTINGPainting is done by powder coating. An initial coat of phosphate is applied before the top coat. The top coat is done using the best quality powder brand with coating of 50 microns.

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