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Playgrounds have to be safe for children, but part of what makes an activity fun is the thrill of doing something that seems just a bit dangerous. So how do you make playgrounds that thrill children safely?

At Rukmani, we think of safety as achieving just the right balance of comfort and challenges. Comfort makes children feel safe and secure while they play freely. Challenges help to expand the child's comfort zone.

Understanding what "comfort" and "challenges" mean for individual children requires deep insight into the specific age groups of children. What makes them feel comfortable? Do they have the experience it takes to be able to predict risk?

Rukmani has been certified to ISO 9001 by Jas-Anz. This means that an external body has certified that our production of play equipment is managed in a precise and stable way. The Rukmani quality system must always fulfil the requirements laid down in ISO 9001.

We start with a promise to uphold the very highest standards of quality and safety. We back this promise with comprehensive quality and safety certification and the best warranty on the market.

Our extensive customer service programme makes sure you'll never have to worry if you encounter challenges while planning, installing and maintaining your products, or during safety inspections at your playground.

Ordering replacement parts is also easy with us - thanks to a comprehensive set of detailed diagrams of our play equipment and straight forward instructions for ordering the parts you need.

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